Monthly Archives: April 2008

Do I Have a Problem?

Apparently so, according to the spammers of this blog. Here’s a complete list of the spam the spam filter has snared since I last emptied it a few days ago:

  • Phentermine zoloft.
  • Generic cialis.
  • Generic prozac.
  • Online phentermine.
  • Generic meridia.
  • Ultram tramadol.
  • Phentermine.
  • Alprazolam.
  • Phentermine.
  • Xanax.
  • Meridia chat.
  • Zoloft.
  • Zoloft.

Thirteen ads, all for prescription drugs–six anti-depressants/anxiety, five appetite suppressants, a pain relief narcotic, and, one for, er, stiffening one’s resolve. I never knew I needed so much help!

I wonder if other blogs get such a preponderance of pharmaceutical spam, or is there something about my posts (or lack of them) that’s tipping them off regarding the needs of me or my readership?

Freaky Robot Things

So here’s a cool video… unless the Terminator movies or Stargate’s replicators freak you out. Be sure to watch to the very end for a nice touch of deadpan humor.