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Love Nest?

A Pair of African Tawny Eagles

During one of the game drives at Ngala last summer, we came across a beautiful pair of African tawny eagles perched on a tree branch nearby.  We were just asking our guide if they might be a breeding pair when our question was answered for us by the eagles themselves…

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Under African Skies

Under African Skies
Sunset over the Kruger

The weather, while we were at the Ngala Game Reserve, was cool and dry but overcast most of the time.  That made for some flat light when taking photos of the wildlife which certainly wasn’t ideal.  But on all three evening drives, the clouds would break up enough to give us some beautiful sunsets.  Sadly, most of my attempts at capturing them on camera were not that great, but this is one of the better ones.

Wildcatting, African Style

African Wild Cat
Sneaking a Peek at an African Wild Cat

For all you feline fanciers out there, thanks to the new 10x zoom camera I brought for the trip, I was able to snap a photo of an African wild cat as we were being driven from the airport into the game park.  Appartently they are quite rare, even though we saw another one a couple of days later.  Not as impressive as the big cats they share the African bush with but still, they do take a good photo, don’t they?