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Stranger on the Doorstep

A very strange thing happened this afternoon.  I was just sitting at home with my parents, who are over from the UK for their annual visit, when my Dad noticed someone at the front door.  I opened it to find a youngish Asian woman standing there with a letter in hand.  With her head down, eyes averted, she tried to communicate something to me in extremely broken English, showed me the letter, which was in a foreign language (it looked like Thai or Vietnamese), and pointed to a phone number scrawled on it.

After a few minutes all I could establish was that she lived up the street (towards the cul-de-sac, so it likely was not a scam), that her own phone was broken, and she was asking for a few minutes on my cell phone.  Well, who knows where she was planning to call, or how much it would cost?  But I agreed to let her use my land line since even if it was an overseas call, a call of a few minutes would not have cost very much, and she did appear to be quite agitated about something.

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