I Shall Return… Honest!

Well, after a pretty decent start to the blog, the posts dried up pretty quick. No doubt that is the way of about 99% of all blogs started since the blogging concept began, but it will not be happening here, at least, not just yet.

I will be getting back to daily posting this week, even if I’m not sure if anyone will be listening :).

The only excuse for my silence is a rather unfortunate run of health since I got back from the UK–a fever, bronchitis, the resulting lingering cough from said bronchitis, the resulting sleepless nights from said lingering cough, cold sores up my nostrils (I kid you not!) and, to cap it all, a scratched cornea after pursuing an errant golf ball into the undergrowth. (Note to self, better golf == less bodily harm.)

So now that I am finally in reasonably rude health, if I survive tomorrow’s marathon session of volleyball at our annual Sand Cow tournament you shall be hearing a good deal more from me on this blog, including movie reviews, progress reports on the book, and other sundry items of interest to me, and possibly one or two other people… maybe.

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