Announcing AZIndex version 0.5.1 (lean, mean caching machine)

AZIndex LogoPhew!! The latest and greatest version of AZIndex is now available.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the main enhancement this time is caching.  Large indexes will load much, much faster in this version when they are being cached.  Adding or modifying posts will cause AZIndex to check to see if the index has been changed as a result, but it will only invalidate the cache if a post should be added to, deleted from, or must change position in the index.  Kind of cool, really.

Anyway there was a little hiccup getting 0.5 out into the WordPress repository, which might have caused one of two people to download a bad version.  But I’ve sorted out the problem, so it’s safe to upgrade to 0.5.1 when you’re ready.

(Update: Changed to version 0.5.1 after I fixed a minor bug — that produced a scary but inconsequential error message when creating a new index.)

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