AZIndex 0.6.3 Available (WordPress 2.7 Support!)

AZIndex LogoWell, that wasn’t too bad.  I have made a couple of minor fixes to the AZIndex’s administration interface while should allow you to edit and modify your AZIndex settings as before (prior to installing WordPress 2.7).  The changes are backwards compatible with older versions of WordPress (2.5.x and 2.6.x) so even if you haven’t moved up to WordPress 2.7 yet, you can safely install the new version (not that it will do anything for you!).

I will now work through the backlog of comments to see if there is anything else that needs attention.  Thanks for your patience — oh, and a belated Happy New Year to everybody.

7 thoughts on “AZIndex 0.6.3 Available (WordPress 2.7 Support!)

  1. K

    Hi Mike. Thanks for a great plugin!
    Is it possible to make it work with Cyrillic characters? Now it shows weird symbols in the alphabet index.


    1. English Mike Post author

      Hi K, thanks! National language support is on the list of things to do. I will have to investigate what I need to do, but should be able to figure it out. Please keep an eye open for a new release in the near future.

    1. English Mike Post author

      Hi D, nope, I’m afraid not. Several people have ask for the same thing (and tags too) and it’s something that I might look at doing in the future, but it would take a major overhaul and I would only start looking at it once I have fixed up all the other issues.

      So if you’re looking for something right now, you will probably need to find another way to do it. There are lots of plugins dealing with categories, so there might be one that helps you.


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