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Well, almost a full day has passed since I put out AZIndex 0.7.5 and no reports of any problems, so far, touch (knock on) wood.  I won’t be putting out another version for a week or so, but I thought I would tease you with a bit of information I know that plenty of people have been asking for (though whether they will even see this post is debatable, of course 🙂 ).

Probably the number one feature request for AZIndex has been support for sorting by tags and categories.  Well, after months of saying, “Bah Humbug!” and “Not Possible!” to everyone, I decided to take another look.  The problem was allowing one post to be listed more than one time (under different tags/categories).  My indexing code was not written for that possibility, and I thought it would take a major rewrite to support multiple entries.  Well, turns out that is wasn’t as difficult as I thought I would be (though the caching code was still a little hairy to get right), and I now have working examples of indexes sorted by tags and categories.

So, watch this space…

Oh, and talking about “this space,” I am also about to give AZIndex its own web site.  The plugin has somewhat taken over my personal blog, and I also wanted a better way to show off what AZIndex can do, as well as provide better documentation and discussion area.  I will begin moving things over in a few days and will then make a formal announcement, but the site is already up and running, so there is a prize of one free copy of AZIndex ( 😀 ) to the first person who provides the correct link in the comments.

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