AZIndex 0.7.1 Released:Adds Support for National Languages

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I have just released AZIndex version 0.7.1 to the unsuspecting world 8-).

The only significant change in this release is the addition of support for national languages.  This means that indexes should now be sorted (collated) in the correct order, and accented characters (and other non-English characters) should appear correctly in the alphabetical titles and links in your index.

My thanks to commenter “K” who took the time to test an early (and not so successful) version of the national language support.  Thanks to his perseverance, I have managed to squash many of the bugs that were still in the code a couple of days ago.

To enable the national language support for an index simply select the Turn on additional support for national languages option in the index settings.  In the vast majority of cases, that is all you should need to do.  There are also options to set different locale and collation tables, but unless you are having problems with items appearing out of order or being grouped incorrectly, then you should not need to use them.

All European languages should be supported, but I am less certain about languages like Chinese and Japanese.  It’s also possible that the right-to-left languages (Arabic and Hebrew) may still not work correctly.  Feedback on any of these is welcome.

Please note, I have only tested these new options on English Windows XP and Linux systems, so it is possible that some bugs will show up when you run AZIndex on non-English systems.  Please report any problems you find by posting a comment on this blog or via email.

9 thoughts on “AZIndex 0.7.1 Released:Adds Support for National Languages

  1. Anonymous

    I have just updated and upon activation I get the following error in wordpress:

    “AZINDEX_PLUGIN_ERROR: The required AZIndex database table – wp_m5vfan_az_indexes – does not exist. Please deactivate then re-activate the AZIndex plugin to correct the problem.”

    I did as instructed and nothing happened… so the plugin no longer works…

    1. English Mike Post author

      Ugh! Do you know if you are running on a multi-user version of WordPress? From the look of the prefix — “wp_m5vfan_” — it looks as though you might be (maybe on

      If you know how, could you run phpmyadmin on your server, go to your WordPress database and find out if there is any database table in it called something like wp_az_indexes. I suspect the table is still there, but something in your WordPress server configuration has changed recently (maybe a software upgrade?) that is causing the plugin not to find the database table. The strange thing is, that in the case where the table is not found, deactivating and reactivating the plugin should, at least, create a new database table for you.

      The code for detecting the AZIndex database table has not changed in months, and is a very simple one line check that has never failed during previous upgrades, which is why I suspect it’s something to do with your configuration. (I just upgraded to 0.7.1 on this blog and everything is fine). I will dig around a little to see if others are having similar problems with other plugins, but without more info, I’m a bit stuck as to what the problem might be.

    1. English Mike Post author

      Please see my comments just above. Sorry that you are having problems, but I need to know a little more about your circumstances before I can be of much help. I’m not seeing the same issues when I upgrade my blogs. All I can suggest is you try reinstalling 0.6.3 (see above) to see if that gets you up and running again.

  2. English Mike Post author

    I have found and fixed the problem some of you were having regarding the missing database table. It was something I added to the database definition that would prevent it from being created if your installation is using a very old version of the MySQL database (MySQL v4.0 or older).

    I have created a new version of AZIndex (0.7.2) with the fix. Unfortunately, those of you who installed and activated AZIndex 0.7.1 will have lost their index definitions, so unless you have a recent backup of your database, I’m afraid you’re going to have to create the indexes again.

  3. Asaf Sagi

    Hey Mike.
    I am running a web dictionary for slang in Hebrew, and I am looking into your plugin, I want to use it in my dictionary.
    I see you need some help sorting problems in Hebrew and Arabic. I want to help you get through those problems (and in return, the working index feature will boost my site’s functionality).
    Contact me, okay?



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