AZIndex v0.7.2 v0.7.3 v0.7.4 Released

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I just put out another quick version of AZIndex to fix a nasty problem a few users were having when installing v0.7.1.  It turns out that upgrading the AZIndex database table was failing for those people who a still using a very old version of MySQL (4.0 and below), which left the plugin dead in the water.  The good news is that only a very few users would have been affected.

This new version should get those people up and running again although, unfortunately, their index definitions will have been lost (I will work on a method of upgrading that will prevent that from happening again).

My apologies to those who were adversely affected by this problem.

UPDATE: In my haste to put out a fix for the problem caused to a few people with 0.7.1 I put out a bad version (0.7.2) which, if you installed it, probably irretrievably wiped out your AZIndex settings (unless you had the foresight to make a backup).  My apologies to those of you who lost their settings.  I need to include a safer way to upgrade which will allow users to retrieve their settings if something goes horribly wrong).

2nd UPDATE: Fixed another bug causing lower case characters to be sorted in the wrong order (in English-only indexes).

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